Meme: Where do you live?

January 13, 2007 in Uncategorized

Where do You live?
Matt over at Matt Bites had a lovely post detailing his home in LA. It was great in that it really localized you into his own slice of LA.

Michael over at Chicken Fried Gourmet suggested that more food bloggers might do right by writing a bit about their own homes/worlds.

This is my “Where do you live?” post.

I have lived all over the US and was born outside of it. I had moved 15 times by the time I graduated high school and then I moved a lot more. As a result, when I decided I wanted to have kids and a family and all that, I wanted to stop moving. My husband and I lived in the South End in Boston, MA when we decided to stop renting and buy a house. We soon mapped the concentric rings of expensive living radiating out from Boston. We ended up looking at housing WAY far away from Boston (with still working IN Boston). We settled on a tiny little town called Wales, some 70 miles from Boston. We chose this place because we found some beautiful land and we built a house.

This place is not about food. Closest grocery store is something like 15-20 miles away. We have one restaurant that serves Italian-American food of the suburb variety. We have one gas station that has some food and some alcohol. We have no stop lights, this is a SMALL town. If we want to go out to a restaurant, we drive to Worcester or Boston. We dont eat out much! When I want to go to Whole Foods, its about 70 miles or so to the closest one (the one I prefer is in Cambridge).

We love it here because we are hermits and telecommute. Culture? Not detectable.

Below is a quickie tour of some of Wales.