Blood Orange: An irresistible photo-meme

January 22, 2007 in fruit

DxO of Blood Orange
Before some 2 years ago, I had never heard of blood oranges. Now it seems like they are everywhere. I love oranges, especially the kind you peel, like navels. I adore fresh squeezed but dont like doing it myself (dont like to get the citric acid all over my poor dry winter skin and the wax the stores put on the peel always ends up flaking off onto my palms – yucktastic).If you search across the food blogosphere, you will find many examples of blood orange lust. Here is a small listing for you to cruise at your leisure:

MattBites beautiful blood oranges
The Food Section on blood oranges
California Blood Orange
a Blood Orange Quinoa Salad
Blood Orange Cordials
German blood orange kit kat sort of candies
Blood Orange Sour

I will be updating this post a bit later to discuss how I took this shot, in case you were curious.