photo contest

January 28, 2007 in baking, christmas, contest, cookies, dessert, Food Porn, holiday

Gingerbread men

Back in December, during my cookie [tag]baking[/tag] furies, I noticed that [tag][/tag] was running a [tag]photo contest[/tag] for [tag]cookie[/tag] photos. I had [tag]fresh[/tag] cookie photos so I entered (see shot above) not really expecting to [tag]win[/tag] because the [tag]AllRecipes[/tag] site gets a huge amount of [tag]traffic[/tag] and there were sure to be many great submissions.

I got an email from AllRecipes a week ago or so telling me that I had won the gingerbread cookie category (runner up to grand prize)!

AllRecipes cookbook

I got this super nifty cookie [tag]cookbook[/tag], I think I will be trying some out, already have a few ideas [tag]brewing[/tag].