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February 4, 2007 in baking, bread, cookies, dessert, Food Porn, gluten, Local Food

As you know from reading some of my previous posts (here), I live in a super tiny village called Wales in central [tag]Massachusetts[/tag] [tag]USA[/tag]. We do not live the fast life here; we enjoy the quiet and solitude of the woods.

One of the things I like about the people who live in this region is that they often find ways to build [tag]small business[/tag]es that keep them IN the region. I have commuted for YEARS to [tag]Boston[/tag] (4 hours a day) and I now put a premium on working close to or in the home.

[tag]Cathie Albrecht,[/tag] proud owner of Auntie Cathie’s Bakery

Today, I would like to introduce you to one such resident of Wales, Cathie Albrecht (shown at top). She opened [tag]Auntie Cathie’s Bakery[/tag] two years ago, and she is intensely dedicated to giving her customers what they desire. One outcome of this philosophy is that she is finding ways to make just about everything she offers in her bakery all natural [tag]sugar-free[/tag], [tag]wheat-free[/tag], and [tag]gluten-free[/tag]. (Note: She [tag]ships[/tag] to anywhere in the continental US.)

This means that Auntie Cathies makes [tag]gluten[/tag]-free:

  • [tag]bread[/tag]s
  • [tag]cake[/tag]s
  • [tag]cookie[/tag]s
  • [tag]Moon pie[/tag]s
  • [tag]pastries[/tag]
  • [tag]pie[/tag]s
  • [tag]pizza[/tag] [tag]dough[/tag]
  • [tag]wedding[/tag] [tag]cake[/tag]s
  • and just about anything else you could imagine.

On a recent day, Cathie allowed me to take some photos of her bakery, herself, her employees, and her [tag]delicious[/tag] food.

Gluten-free Lemon Pecan Coffee Cake


Moon pies – fresh – so delicious – available gluten-free! (these are conventional)

Blueberry crumble pie

Tools of the trade

Employee, focused on the work at hand

Helping customers, prepping moon pie fixings

Pulling out the moon pie cake-lets

Chatting and making moon pies

Close up of moon pie goodness

If you would like to visit our quaint [tag]New England[/tag] town of [tag]Wales[/tag] and this [tag]bakery[/tag] specifically, click here for a map and directions. If you would like to mail-order bakery items or some of their [tag]handmade[/tag] all [tag]natural[/tag] [tag]soap[/tag]s and other [tag]toiletries[/tag], give the bakery a call at 413-245-6235.

Auntie Cathie’s Bakery

17 Main Street (Route 19)
Wales, Massachusetts

Auntie Cathie’s Web Site

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