Local Foods: Another visit to Auntie Cathie’s Bakery

February 24, 2007 in Food Porn, fruit, Local Food, product

(Tomato, basil, roasted red peppers, fresh mozzarella, romaine lettuce, carrots, and chick peas)

Yesterday I had the opportunity to shoot some more of Auntie Cathie’s delicious food. You read about her and her bakery in this post “Local Foods: Auntie Cathies Bakery – Gluten-free to order“. I hope you enjoy today’s photos.

I can attest that each and every one of these were so VERY delicious and refreshing.

(Chick pea, basil, chicken soup and delicious crusty bread)

(Turkey, tomatoes, romaine lettuce, raspberry-jalapeno mayonnaise, and Cape Cod chips)

(Super divine and moist pumpkin moon pie)

(Strawberry cupcake)

(Refreshing and delicious tropical fruitcream filled pastry)


(Chocolate cupcake with white frosting and chocolate sauce)