Local Foods: New England Farmers’ Direct Marketing Conference and Trade Show

February 27, 2007 in farm, Local Food, review

(A corn field in northern Connecticut)

Tomorrow and Thursday, I will be attending the [tag]New England Farmers’ Direct Marketing Conference and Trade Show[/tag] on a [tag]press[/tag] pass and will be reporting back here about the [tag]small farm[/tag] and [tag]specialty food[/tag]s from the [tag]New England[/tag] region.

This is a NE specific small farm [tag]Agri-Business[/tag] event organized by [tag]Harvest New England[/tag], a [tag]cooperative marketing program[/tag] which was created and is supported by the agriculture departments in the New England region.

These include:

There is a lot going on at this [tag]conference[/tag] that covers how to start up, run, and market your small farm/agribusiness or specialty [tag]food[/tag] [tag]business[/tag].

This year’s conference will be in [tag]Sturbridge[/tag], MA, a hop and a skip from where I live. It should be interesting and I hope to be able to discover some [tag]local[/tag] foods that I have not explored previously.