Pan Seared Tuna Cooking Demo at IBSS 2007

March 22, 2007 in cooking, Fish, Food Porn, ingredient, International Boston Seafood Show, seafood

Pan Seared Tuna

(Sample of pan seared tuna)

If you can believe it, I have even more photos from the [tag]IBSS[/tag]. This set today is from a [tag]cooking[/tag] [tag]demonstration[/tag] at the cooking theater that day. The [tag]Phillips[/tag] Seafood Company had some of their [tag]corporate chef[/tag]s cooking up some of their products. My feet were screaming for a rest and there was simply no better place to take a break, watch some entertaining cooking, and eat some delicious [tag]seafood[/tag], brought right to you. You can’t beat that!

I did not catch the names of the various chefs so this is not really hard-boiled journalism (as if it ever is!). Just enjoy it for the food.

Pan Seared Tuna

The chef here is actually cooking a different dish but I thought I would share anyways.

The [tag]tuna[/tag] [tag]steak[/tag]s, seasoned and ready for the pan.

Here is a shot of the steaks from the mirror above the cooktop.

Tuna steaks hitting the hot [tag]saute[/tag] [tag]pan[/tag], hot oil and tuna goodness sparkling up into the air.

Here the chefs are portioning out samples for the crowd.

Succulent delicious barely cooked tuna. Fantastic. See another view at the top of this page.

All the pics here are mine. I am flying without photoshop right now so I am not yet up to speed on watermarking the images. All photos – all rights reserved.