Inner beauty of fruits and veggies: Square rooted

March 26, 2007 in Food Porn, fruit, photography, vegetable

pomelo on a lightbox

I have been meaning to do this shoot for some time but never got around to it until today.

My objective was to examine the inner beauty of natural things like fruits and vegetables. In this case, it was a grapefruit, carrots, green beans and radishes.

radish and green bean

This is just a first “draft,” if you will. Some kinks need to be addressed.

more pomelo strangeness

green bean bits

dark green beans

medium green beans and carrot

I have also included, below, some how-to shots of the set up. You will notice that I shoot at home, amongst the mess of family life. I also like to make my own soft boxes and rig things. I spend enough on cameras and lenses and strobes, and flashes. Gotta find ways to get the most of it all!