How stumbleupon beat my server’s behind

March 28, 2007 in Meta Talk, Off Topic

Let me just start by welcoming all you new [tag]visitor[/tag]s to my site from [tag]stumbleupon[/tag].

You all [tag]stumbled[/tag] my site several months ago and I saw this curious spike in traffic, like 500 more hits one day than was usual. Thats when I first learned about this [tag]social networking[/tag] site.

This last Sunday, I think, someone stumbled one of my posts and gave it a nice review. It was the one about Colombian arepa de huevo.. I thought that was just peachy because I think the world would be a better place if we all started the day with [tag]arepa de huevo[/tag]s (OK, just kidding, but it couldn’t hurt!)

Then, oh my goodness, my [tag]StatCounter[/tag] [tag]ticker[/tag] was changing by hundreds every time I refreshed my [tag]stats[/tag]. Thats when I realized I was stumbled again, only this time, it was “[tag]stumble on steroids[/tag].”

When the stumble action peaked on Tuesday night – get this – we had a total of 6,382 visitors.

You stumblers were not happy just stumbling one post, oh no, you had to go and stumble the main URL, several categories, and some other posts. We could hear the server creaking and the [tag]hamster[/tag]s really broke a sweat. At points, the server was down at 4% capacity left, with [tag]load average[/tag]s over 20.00.

My [tag]feed[/tag] stats have also jumped by something like 250% on [tag]FeedBurner[/tag].

Things have settled down now and we have installed a new colony of [tag]server hamster[/tag]s (the previous batch get to go out to pasture and rest a bit).

I really appreciate all of your visits and I hope you all come on back and visit again.

Stop and smell the arepas anytime.