Low GI Recipe: Whole wheat tortilla ginger tumeric tofu wrap with young spring peas

April 23, 2007 in diabetes, Food Porn, gluten, low glycemic index, recipe


I am continuing to explore [tag]low GI cooking[/tag] that not only appeals to me but also must pass the very rigorous and often fickle family test. I like to cook with [tag]tofu[/tag] but my 10 year old has decided she doesn’t like it while the rest of the family will eat it happily. When I set out to cook the above [tag]wrap[/tag] for yesterday’s lunch, I was aiming to make tofu in a way that my daughter likes and will eat because she has my body type and needs to develop better eating habits and likes. Previously, I have served her tofu, [tag]stir-fried[/tag] in many different ways, but never as part of a wrap like you see above. Its the [tag]tortilla[/tag] that I think made all the difference. Below, I am going to share my “recipe” for this relatively simple and very [tag]low GI[/tag] lunch and the results of the Family Voting Panel.

Even though you see various [tag]recipe[/tag]s posted here that doesn’t mean I am a recipe-following kind of cook. Its a strange dichotomy.. its more like I am a recipe creator because I want to share some of my ideas, not because I like recipes in and of themselves. I love [tag]cookbook[/tag]s, not because of the recipes so much as the photos, the anecdotes and the notes written by the author.

Because I do not do the recipe thing, I don’t go to the store with a list of things to buy. Rather, I go to the store and, within the budget, buy things that I find interesting. This makes the shopping trip last longer but I promise you, I spend less time shopping and cooking than the average [tag]Rachel Ray[/tag] fan spends watching her show on how to cook in the least amount of time (that has always seemed oxymoronic to me).

Sometimes, I come to the checkout with foods that the cashier has never seen someone buy. Thats sort of odd but I guess that the grocery store TRIES to have new and interesting things but probably many people do not deviate from their usual list.

La Tortilla Factory

In the most recent trip, I noticed a product I had not seen before (I was also shopping in a store far from my home and a new one at that, [tag]Hannafords[/tag]), [tag]La Tortilla Factory[/tag] low carbo low fat high fiber whole grain tortillas (they also have [tag]gluten-free[/tag] tortillas). I picked these up as an alternative to the white flour ones we tend to buy for [tag]quesadilla[/tag]s.

I bought them with some trepidation because when I have bought [tag]whole wheat[/tag] ones previously (different brands, not this one), I have been unhappy as those tortillas had several problems: they can be really dry or dry out very quickly or they can be really excessively gummy in an unpalatable way. I found these La Tortilla Factory tortillas to be hardy, able to retain their moisture during the foil-wrapped warming up process I put them through and also while sitting on the plate. They are not only tasty and a robust product, they are just fantastically good for you. They are high in fiber so that they have only 5 [tag]effective carbs[/tag] on board per tortilla.

There are a variety of ingredients in this wrap that are low GI, are tasty, and will be really good at inducing the “[tag]Second Meal Effect[/tag].”

Some of them are:

  • [tag]Soy beans[/tag] have a VERY low GI – something like 18. As you might imagine, [tag]tofu[/tag] is also very low in the [tag]glycemic[/tag] [tag]index[/tag], if any [tag]carbohydrate[/tag] at all.
  • [tag]Chickpea[/tag] [tag]Hummus[/tag] (with [tag]sesame[/tag] [tag]tahini[/tag]) has a [tag]GI[/tag] of 6!
  • Low Carb Low Fat Tortillas (5 effective carbs, not likely specifically tested yet
  • Fresh [tag]sweet pea[/tag]s have a GI of 3
  • The side of [tag]grapefruit[/tag] slices – GI is around 25.

I did not have to try very hard to put these ingredients together. I mostly went with what caught my eye at the store and what I have been [tag]craving[/tag].

One more note before I get to the recipe, I used tumeric in my tofu stir-fry. Like tofu, I tend to crave [tag]tumeric[/tag]. Not only is it amazing in it’s ability to perk up the color of any food but it is also deserving of your respect on the grounds that it is a potent [tag]medicinal[/tag] agent.

I am going to do a post on tumeric in the future but suffice it to say that tumeric is a very good thing to cook with. Anecdotally, but relevant to my life, I really feel an increased sense of well-being when I eat foods with it. I hope you will give it a try and also come back for the post on tumeric to learn more about this amazing spice.

Low GI whole wheat tortilla tofu wrap


  • Homemade hummus, made as you desire
  • La Tortilla Factory tortillas
  • 1 block extra firm organic tofu
  • 1/2 small spanish [tag]onion[/tag], sliced thinly
  • 1/8 teaspoon minced [tag]garlic[/tag]
  • 1 teaspoon sliced [tag]ginger[/tag] (leave in large chunks, remove at end)
  • 1/4 teaspoon tumeric
  • pinch of [tag]sea salt[/tag]
  • 3 tablespoons [tag]organic[/tag] [tag]soy sauce[/tag]
  • 1-2 tablespoons [tag]olive oil[/tag] (add sesame oil if you have it and like it) to saute
  • 1/2 C frozen sweet peas
  • fresh [tag]basil[/tag] leaves


Turn the oven on to 200 F, wrap your tortillas in foil and warm them while you prepare everything else.

Rinse the tofu block and then wrap in paper towels. Put it on a cutting board and put another one on top. Put weights on the upper board to press out excess packing liquid. Watch the boards so that your weights do not fall off and scare the child, cat or dog that is at your feet in the kitchen. After about 20 minutes, unwrap the tofu and slice into cubes, set aside.

Make your hummus the way you prefer it and let it sit in the fridge, covered, while you make the rest of this. I make hummus like this: in a food processor dump in 2 cans organic chickpeas, 3 tablespoons sesame tahini, 3 tablespoons lemon or lime juice (or both!), pinch of sea salt, 1/2 teaspoon minced garlic. Mix and then add a dribble of water until its the consistency you like it. I also added some basil leaves. Taste for seasoning and then store cold and covered.

In a low-medium heat saute pan add the olive oil, onions, ginger, and tumeric; heat through to begin cooking the onions. Turn up the heat to medium and add the garlic and then the tofu chunks. Saute until the tofu gets some color. Add the frozen peas and then add the soy sauce, allowing it to simmer down to a thicker sauce. Turn off the heat.

Take out one warmed tortilla, spread a layer of hummus, put down a laye of basil leaves, add the tofu stir-fry, wrap up, and enjoy!

I served this with a couple slices of sweet ruby red grapefruit and tangerine iced tea with sugar free ginger ale.

Results of the Family Tasting Panel:

  • The 10 year old LIKED it and wanted more, said it tasted like meat
  • The Husband said a similar thing and that it was pretty filling
  • The 3 year old said “Mommy, can I have some more please?”

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