Behind the Scenes: The prep kitchen at the Dole & Bailey Maine Roadshow

April 27, 2007 in Behind the Scenes, cooking, In the Kitchen

Behind the Scenes- The prep kitchen

I have so many more photos I have taken at the [tag]Dole & Bailey[/tag] [tag]Northeast Family Farms[/tag] roadshow up in [tag]Maine[/tag], its been a shame to not share more of them.

Some of them have been hard to wrap around a cogent topic but, after some further study of the [tag]photostream[/tag] from that day, a set of them have presented themselves as following a theme, one that I thought you might be interested in.

These photos are from [tag]behind the scenes[/tag] in the [tag]prep kitchen[/tag]s that day. The [tag]chef[/tag]s were extremely friendly, very busy, and very accommodating. I took my 50mm 1.4 [tag]lens[/tag] so that I didn’t need to pop a [tag]flash[/tag] at them as they worked. I stood about, still in the bustle, and tried to understand what each chef was doing and anticipate what he was about to do. I tried to follow several of the items from start to finish, hard to do if you have not seen the menu!

Cajun grilled shrimp.

I can tell you, I enjoyed myself completely. I can not thank those guys and Dole & Bailey enough for allowing me behind the screen, into the prep kitchen. I managed to not spill anything, burn anything, and, hopefully, catch some of the hard work they were doing.

Mini [tag]crab cake[/tag]s, start to finish.

[tag]Shuck[/tag]ing [tag]oyster[/tag]s while answering my many questions!

Some imported [tag]Italian[/tag] [tag]parma[/tag] ham.

Some assorted [tag]mise en place[/tag].

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