Kaji Aso Studio Japan Festival 2007 – Boston May 6th

April 29, 2007 in Japanese, Japanese Tea Ceremony, Local Food, Tea

Kaji Aso wild boar painting

(“Wild Boar” by [tag]Kaji Aso[/tag] 1995, Courtesy of the [tag]Kaji Aso Studio[/tag])

(Learn more about Mr. Kaji Aso!)

You long time readers might remember that my oldest daughter and I have been learning about the [tag]Japanese Tea Ceremony[/tag]. We have attended a couple of 2 hour long tea ceremonies at the Kaji Aso Studio “[tag]House of Flower Wind[/tag]” [tag]Tea House[/tag] in the [tag]Symphony[/tag] area of [tag]Boston[/tag], MA.

I have taken various photos there and can share them here with a very strong recommendation that you find a chance some time to book a Sunday afternoon tea ceremony appointment. Be sure to learn some about it before you go. This page at the [tag]Kaji[/tag] [tag]Aso[/tag] Studio has information on their Japanese Tea Ceremony.

The Kaji Aso Studio also puts on a yearly [tag]Japan Festival[/tag] (details below) that is absolutely worth your time if you enjoy anything about [tag]Japanese[/tag] culture and wish to meet very talented and infinitely welcoming people. You will get a chance to mingle with other [tag]Japan[/tag]-o-philes, visiting Japanese, view [tag]ikebana[/tag] classes, tour the Flower Wind tea house, eat [tag]sushi[/tag], learn some haiku, hear some delicate and extraordinary music, and enjoy a delightful play written by the late Kaji Aso.

When we last went, Mr. Aso was still alive and we got to hear him sing [tag]opera[/tag], do sumi-e painting (I have some on my wall), and enjoy his gentle, quiet but joyful self. We still are sad at his passing.

Please take some time to attend the Japan Festival! We might see you there, let us know if you plan on attending. Let Kate know that I sent you.

Sunday, May 6, 2-7 pm
Admission- $10, Students & Seniors $5

Kaji Aso Studio
40 St. Stephen Street
Boston, MA

2:00-2:40 – [tag]Origami[/tag] Workshop
2:50-3:30 – Ikebana Demonstration (Flower Arranging), [tag]Tomoko Tanaka[/tag]
3:40-4:20 – Demonstration of [tag]Calligraphy[/tag] – Kate Finnegan
4:30-5:15 – Traditional Music – [tag]Sumie Kaneko[/tag]
5:25-5:45 – Haiku and Renga reading by [tag]Boston Haiku Society[/tag]
5:45-6:00 – Kaji Aso Studio [tag]International Haiku Contest[/tag] Award Ceremony Supported in part by the [tag]Consulate General of Japan[/tag] in Boston
6:00-7:00 – Theater Performance “[tag]Thunder God[/tag]” – Written by Kaji Aso

Also from 2-6 pm

  • Tours of Tea House and Taste of Tea $5
  • Exhibition of Calligraphy and Sumi Painting
  • [tag]Ceramics[/tag] and Gift Items- Priced Individually
  • [tag]Maki Sushi[/tag] and [tag]Inari Sushi[/tag] á la carte -$5 to $8

Information: 617- 247-1719

At Kaji Aso’s 2006 funeral at the Massachusetts State House Rotunda, we were all humbled and silenced by a haiku he wrote on the occasion of his passing and for us to remember him by.

“young boy

dreaming of catching rainbow

he became rainbow”

– Kaji Aso 2006

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