Hi-Ball Energy drink – Ruby Red Grapefruit flavor (Well Fed Network Article)

May 15, 2007 in drink, product, review, Spirit World Blog, Well Fed Network

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Recently, I had the pleasure of [tag]taste test[/tag]ing the Ruby Red Grapefruit flavored Hi-Ball Energy drink. I chilled this clear [tag]bubbly[/tag] [tag]drink[/tag] in the bottle and then poured it over ice. In the name of Science (right!), I drank it and then jumped on the [tag]treadmill[/tag] about 10 minutes later.

This soda had several good things going for it:

  • The [tag]grapefruit[/tag] flavor is very delicate, not overpowering or [tag]astringent[/tag]. I am a great lover of ruby red grapefruit so a stronger flavor would have been fine by me but I appreciate the delicate nature of this drink’s [tag]flavor profile[/tag].
  • Even though this drink is [tag]spiked[/tag] with a variety of [tag]energy[/tag]-promoting substances, it didn’t taste like a [tag]chemistry[/tag] [tag]experiment[/tag].
  • I definitely felt energetic as I did my modest walking [tag]workout[/tag].

I have tried other energy drinks, especially the [tag]sugar-free[/tag] types, and I never cared for their face-puckering brain-walloping extreme nature. I recently picked up one on my drive to what promised to be an energy-zapping photo shoot and I had a hard time finishing it. By the time I got to the bottom of it’s slim little can, there was a sort of acidic, ascorbic, horrifying [tag]sludge[/tag] that was worse than just about anything I have ever drank.

This [tag]Hi Ball[/tag] grapefruit energy drink is like the [tag]polar opposite[/tag] of that experience.

If you cruise the website for this product, HiBaller.com, you will find information on the ingredients found in the various drinks they produce.

They make:

  • [tag]Orange[/tag]
  • [tag]Wild Berry[/tag]
  • [tag]Lemon Lime[/tag]
  • [tag]Grapefruit[/tag]
  • [tag]Club soda[/tag]
  • [tag]Tonic Water[/tag]

The ingredients you will find in the Ruby Red Grapefruit flavored drink includes:

  • [tag]Taurine[/tag]
  • [tag]Caffeine[/tag]
  • [tag]Guarana[/tag]
  • [tag]Ginseng[/tag]
  • [tag]Vitamin-B[/tag]
  • No [tag]sweetener[/tag]s – no sugar

You will also see a page on various [tag]athlete[/tag]s who are spokespeople for this company. I mention this because its a trip reading about these people and then thinking how I am so NOT like them. I have no illusions that this drink will turn me into a global-class [tag]olympic[/tag] [tag]skier[/tag] or [tag]skateboard[/tag]er, but I do think its a good choice for the adult who needs some energy in the short term without the sugar [tag]crash[/tag] that you get after the loathesome energy bars and drinks that are thrust at the public as if they were actually GOOD for the body.

I would not recommend any of these caffeine and herbal amended drinks for kids and young adults. There is time enough later for them to become addicted to caffeine. They should have enough energy to do the kid things they need to do.

Give the Ruby Red Grapefruit Energy drink and the other flavors a try!