5.6 – a sweet number

June 8, 2007 in diabetes, low glycemic index

If you are a regular reader here you might remember when I wrote about how I had gotten a bad A1c hemoglobin glycosylation blood test (6.2) putting me into the diabetic range.

It was scary and all this time I actually thought I was being considered “pre-diabetic” but in truth my doc viewed me as diabetic. He wanted to give me a chance to modify my diet and habits to get the number down before we tried meds.

I did, as you know. I have been doing my best to eat low glycemic foods and its been painless but I have not been a saint by any means!

Just for reference, a test result below 6.0 = not diabetic.

I was also registering a high blood pressure at the previous visit (something freaky like 140/110 I think, very weird for me).

Well, I am happy to say that I astonished both my doc and my new diabetes educator today when my A1c test came back as 5.6!

My blood pressure was 104/68. That made me a happy happy person too. I gained a pound .. I think it was a karmic balance pound to make up for the other good news :-).

My doc immediately wanted to know what the heck I was up to (he is used to me getting up to crazy things like running for political office and all manner of other rather stressful adventures). I told him it was the low glycemic diet but that I was not perfect (he can see that for himself :-).

So today is a happy day, just thought I would share that with you all.

Also, let me just say, low glycemic eating is absolutely effective for me in getting the diabetes monkey off my back.

I am now merely pre-diabetes and will have to keep a close eye on this so that I do not go there again.

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