Sweet Summer Solstice: Dribbling Night onto the Sun

June 21, 2007 in breakfast, Food Porn, gluten, recipe

To celebrate the [tag]summer solstice[/tag], I made sunny yellow cornmeal “[tag]mush[/tag]” with [tag]blackstrap[/tag] [tag]molasses[/tag] for [tag]breakfast[/tag] this morning.

We are enjoying an overwhelmingly beautiful bright sunny yet not-to-hot day here in central [tag]Massachusetts[/tag].

The [tag]garden[/tag] is soaking up the sun and growing with leaps and bounds, our moods are sunny, and all is right with the world. The only downside to the solstice is that we are now on the other side of curve and the day length will begin to decrease every day until the winter [tag]solstice[/tag].

Mush is something my mom used to make for us as kids. It is real down-home [tag]comfort[/tag] [tag]food[/tag] and it is an excellent way to use excess [tag]grits[/tag] or [tag]polenta[/tag] (which are the same thing). I love and adore blackstrap molasses so I use this on mush and [tag]pancake[/tag]s.

Cornmeal mush with blackstrap molasses (gluten free too!)


  • grits or polenta – made as per package/recipe (In this post, I describe making grits)
  • cooking spray
  • bread loaf pan
  • foil
  • cast iron pan
  • oil
  • warmed blackstrap molasses or maple syrup


Line the bread loaf pan with foil and spray with cooking spray.

Make your grits or polenta and pour into the lined loaf pan. Cover with extra foil. Allow to cool overnight (or until cold).

Slice and then pan fry until golden brown and warn throughout.

Serve with butter and molasses/syrup.


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