Local Food: Our humble garden

June 23, 2007 in Gardening, Humble Garden, Local Food

(Learn about these droplets on the collard green above at [tag]Humble Garden[/tag])

Don’t forget! We are also blogging about our new all [tag]organic[/tag] [tag]sustainable[/tag] grown [tag]raised[/tag] [tag]bed[/tag] [tag]garden[/tag] over at Humble Garden.

I will be updating there soon with some photos on our new [tag]alternative[/tag]-style [tag]potato[/tag] beds and also the [tag]trellis[/tag] system I am putting in place to support [tag]high-rise[/tag] growing of our peas, beans, watermelons, [tag]spaghetti squash[/tag], [tag]scallopini squash[/tag], green and also yellow globe-like lemon cucumbers, and what ever else I planted but cant seem to recall at the moment :-).

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