The kind of cake we all like

August 24, 2007 in baking, dessert, Food Porn, Off Topic

KD's birthday cake

This last August 22nd, my middle child turned 4 years old.

Life becomes very full when you have three [tag]kids[/tag], one being all of 10 months, and you [tag]homeschool[/tag] and you are dedicated to starting a new direction in your working life.

So full that time zips past ferociously fast.

So fast that when you look at the newly 4 year old you get a flash back to the pain of labor and delivery and the heart wrenching experience of watching her be [tag]resuscitate[/tag]d, dragged from the brink of death.

KD and presents

It seems like yesterday that she was born and here she is a very spicy little 4 year old girl who is about to start preschool.

We threw a [tag]Spongebob[/tag]/ [tag]Dora the Explorer[/tag] [tag]birthday[/tag] party for her. I priced out a [tag]Spongebob Squarepants[/tag] cake at the grocery store but they wanted $21.00 for the crazy thing!

Lit cake

I made my own non-spongebob presents-stacked-up [tag]cake[/tag] and put so many candles on the thing that I was sort of fearful it might burst into a [tag]bonfire[/tag] at some point, taking the spongebob plates, cups, napkins, and plastic tablecloth with it!

Concerned Baby Oh

Baby Oh, being the sensible little man he is, was quite concerned about this odd practice we were partaking in, setting the dining room on fire.

KD's minicake

I also made a little cake just for KD so she got to blow it and the big one out. They had [tag]magic[/tag] relighting [tag]candles[/tag] so the blowing out happened over and over.

KD blowing out the candles

This is a good thing for kids and great for moms who want to shoot it (over and over to get the shot).

KD's presents

Many [tag]presents[/tag] appeared for the [tag]party[/tag]. I have to confess that, while it looks like excess, its almost all [tag]school[/tag] stuff. I am a bad party mom to pass off school supplies as presents! Thing is, she adores clothes so she was excited about her new clothes-as-presents and her new Dora backpack and Dora tennis shoes and pretty pink butterfly rain poncho.

Spongebob Squarepants pinata

At one point, we moved the party outside to beat on a Spongebob Squarepants [tag]pinata[/tag] I had loaded with lunch snacks and raisins (a few [tag]chocolate kisses[/tag] too). Alas, this pinata was [tag]politically correct[/tag] and was not rigged for [tag]bludgeoning[/tag].

No, Spongebob had these streamers hanging down, between his stubby little legs.

Spongebob's pinata behind

The idea is that kids each pull one streamer and then finally one kid gets the one streamer attached to a drop-open patch on Spongebob’s behind.

Spongebob's pinata behind

The most disturbing part is that I had open and loosen and generally widen the “behind” opening. Spongebob and I never knew each other very well and after this, well, he doesn’t spare me a kind look.

Spongebob Squarepants pinata

With a little help from Q, Spongebob gave up the goods.

Popping streamers

We ended the festivities with [tag]explosive[/tag] little things that blow out streamers. We will be picking that stuff up out of the backyard for some time.