Cross Species Portraiture: The Chicken was a Star

September 13, 2007 in Behind the Scenes, chicken, farm, Food Porn, photography

Because the flash slideshow seems to be messing up the browser for some of you, I am moving flash show further down in this post. This way, if you want to see many more of these portraits, make the jump to the main article, knowing that your browser may not handle the flash slideshow gracefully.

I just wanted to share a few shots that I took the last couple of days at the Dole & Bailey North East Family Farms roadshow up in Quechee, Vermont. These will be the first of a larger project that documents, in my own certain way, “family” portraits of farmers (or producers), chefs, and animals.

The chicken seen here was fantastically patient with all of us and was handled with the greatest of respect. His general demeanor of dignity really set the tone for that.

The slide show may grow in size over the span of today and the future as I add more to that flickr set.

Let me know what you think!