Quiet on the outside, busy behind the scenes

September 23, 2007 in chicken, farm, Food Porn


I have been slow in posting this last week for a variety of reasons, most of them creative!

I will be posting on some new recipes I have tried from a couple of new cookbooks, ones I made up myself, and also about this fantastic tour I took of several Vermont farms on an absolutely beautiful day.

Today, as I write those posts, I will share photos of our new chicklings (as our kids call them). As you may or may not know, you can order day old chicks to arrive by regular mail.

We have been building a chicken house for them.

chicken house

With a nice clear roof.

chicken house

See more details in the post “Avian Abode” over at our Humble Garden blog.

The types I ordered were:

  • White Silkie Bantams – these are important in traditional chinese medicine (they are the black meat chickens), thought I might give them a try, eggs and meat
  • Production Reds – lots of eggs, heavy breed
  • Black Minorcas – interesting looking, eggs
  • Buff Orphingtons – hearty large breed
  • Mystery chicks – hatchery’s choice!

That last mystery set should be interesting, one little guy (seems like a guy, hope they are all girls tho) is all spotty and pretty fiesty!