Putting semi in the semi-live: aftermath

November 23, 2007 in baking, cooking, holiday

Things were going ok and then pow, time contracted and chaos ruled the house!

I hope you all had an excellent [tag]Thanksgiving[/tag]. We had an excellent time.

Today I am going to step through a few more shots. [tag]Food photography[/tag] in our [tag]kitchen[/tag] is tough so you will have to forgive the somewhat scary images, especially of the [tag]turkey[/tag]!

Thanksgiving 2007: toasting crostini

I toasted [tag]baguette[/tag]s for [tag]crostini[/tag].

Thanksgiving 2007: making appetizers

I enlisted grandpa to help with the crostini. [tag]Cucumber[/tag]s, [tag]caramelized[/tag] [tag]onion[/tag]s with [tag]fig[/tag] [tag]vinegar[/tag], [tag]roasted garlic[/tag], [tag]salmon[/tag], etc.

Thanksgiving 2007: crostini with cukes and caramelized onions

They came out beautifully!

Thanksgiving 2007: asparagus frond decor

I used [tag]asparagus[/tag] [tag]frond[/tag]s as greenery around the house.

Thanksgiving 2007: baby O watching, about to go to a nap

Baby O had to watch from his area, drove him nuts.

Thanksgiving 2007: brining

The turkey was [tag]brine[/tag]d overnight.

Thanksgiving 2007: roasting pan

Roasting pan with onions, olive oil and [tag]rosemary[/tag].

Thanksgiving 2007: turkey before

The turkey is lubed inside and out, salted a bit, stuffed with some garlic and rosemary and roasted breast down for 1 hour and then flipped and roasted until 160 F in the meat (used heat probe) Used foil toward the end.

Thanksgiving 2007: turkey aftewards

The sugar in the brine makes for a dark roasted skin color!

Thanksgiving 2007: grandparents and grandkids

Thanksgiving 2007: making a gingerbread house

While it was cooking the grandparents decorated a [tag]gingerbread[/tag] [tag]house[/tag] with the grandkids.

Thanksgiving 2007: another night-time shot of turkey

Thanksgiving 2007: night-time shot of turkey

Shots of the turkey at the table, after nightfall, are always tough!

Happy Thanksgiving!