Photo Gadget Alert: WiFi camera hack: Eye-Fi

November 26, 2007 in photography

I thought this product was a neat option for people on the go. I get nothing for blogging about this, its all about gee-wiz.

Eye-fi – A card the lets your camera transmit photos wirelessly to your computer or an online service. (JPGs only)

Maybe this isn’t that new but I just learned about it in an email from Photojojo, this great site and newsletter for new and upcoming photography related swag, DIY hacks, and kit.

Yeah, this will pimp your camera (on the inside, where it counts) whether its a PnS or DSLR (with an SD slot).

You can shoot and upload live to your favorite online photosharing site, like Flickr, or photolab like the following.

From their site:

This little guy looks like a normal 2GB memory card and works with nearly any camera that takes SD memory. There are no antennas, no protrusions, no subscription fees, and no cables.

The schematic below outlines graphically how this works.

I have always wanted something like this but had only seen obscenely expensive options for the upper-end Canon DSLRs like the Canon WFT-E1A Wireless LAN File Transmitter for the EOS-1Ds Mark II Digital Camera for $999.95 at B&H Photo.

Canon makes P&Ss with wireless built-in like the Canon IXUS Wireless.

Canon IXUS Wireless

This card will convert any camera with an SD slot into a wireless.

Remember that if you are sending them direct to a photolab or Flickr, you have not seen or proofed these photos nor did any photoshop magic.

If you have more questions try their FAQ page.

Further technical details:

  • Holds 2GB of photos
  • Fits any camera that uses standard SD memory cards. (or CompactFlash with available adapter.)
  • Compatible with PCs and Macs (It’s Leopard-ready, baby)
  • Uploads directly to Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, smugmug, Wal*Mart, Snapfish, and many, many more!
  • Works with 802.11b, g, or n networks
  • Quick and simple to get started Plug it in to a USB port on your computer, go through a 5-minute set-up… and you’re good to go. The card never has to leave your camera again.
  • Includes USB card reader
  • 90+ ft range outdoors and 45+ ft indoors (less when using CF adapter)
  • Supports secure Wi-Fi networks (WEP 40/104/128, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK)
  • Requires Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Mac OS X 10.3 or newer
  • 90 day manufacturer warranty

This little gizmo costs $99.00. There are no connection fees or subscriptions, etc.

If you already use one of these, tell me what you think!