Pay It Forward

November 28, 2007 in baking, contest, Food Porn, photography


Pay It Forward logo for blog

Nicole over at Pinch My Salt is participating in “Pay It Forward“, an internet meme that is really appropriate for this time of year. This idea is based on the movie “Pay It Forward” that made me cry buckets.

I am going to play along too!

The essential idea is: When someone does you a big favor, don’t pay it back ¦ Pay It Forward.

The concept is the following:

  • To the first three commenters who request to play a part in “Play It Forward”, you will get to choose 1 photo from my food photography portfolio (shown below and at this link Nika’s Food Portolio)
  • You will email me (nika dot boyce at gmail dot com) with the flickr link to the image you want and also your mailing address
  • I will have it printed at 8X10 and sent to you.
  • I also promise to send this print to you, in the spirit of the other participants, within the next year. (I will likely fulfill much sooner!)
  • In return, you make the same promise on your blog to three commenters, paying it forward.

If you missed the chance to be one of the three, do what I did and start the game on your blog anew!