FP101: Tilt/Shift lenses on a budget

November 30, 2007 in Food Photo 101, photography

Canon 30D

This post is for those of us who have DSLRs. P&Sers can not, unfortunately, take advantage of the universe of lenses.

Many thanks to Hamish of hames.ca who I featured in my previous post “FP101-3: Depth of Field“. He took the time to write to me with some information on more affordable tilt-shift lenses.

He suggests sourcing your tilt-shift lens from the lens companies emerging out of Russia and the Ukraine. Costs could be halved at least.

Lenses originally mentioned in this post no longer have valid links – sorry.

If you have any experience with these lenses, chime in!

If you know of other less-cost lenses in the tilt-shift category, let us know!

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