Dean & Deluca on the holidays: Cute and expensive, but so darn cute!

December 3, 2007 in Food Porn, holiday

Gingerbread men

I am on the Dean & Deluca emailing list and I have to say it is both a torture and an inspiration!

Everything is WAY too expensive for me but just about all of it is something I could make or have fun trying to make.

Last year I had lots of fun making a few gingerbread men as you can see in the shot below.

Gingerbread men

I had looked all over the web to see how gingerbread men are traditionally decorated and found lots of uninspiring stuff.

Sometimes, I visit the Dean & Deluca site just for the food porn, other times I visit to salivate over the Spanish and Italian hams, the deluxe and exotic meats, the foies, and the gobsmacking cheeses!

During the holidays, Dean & Deluca shines the brightest. Take a look around and get some inspiration yourself.

Do you have another favorite holiday food porn site?

Let me know what it is!

(PS: none of these are affiliate links, just appreciation links)