Food Photo 101 Holiday Contest

December 9, 2007 in Food Photo 101

holiday contest

Whew, its been busy here and I bet it has been with you all too! We have been getting lots of excellent projects turned in for the first three assignments and then noticed some fall off this week.

What this means to me is that its December and its distracting and we need a break from school!

For this reason, Curt and I have decided to slow down the breakneck speed of Food Photo 101 lessons during the holiday season. I really apologize if I have been throwing too much at you all too fast. When I write, I keep an eye to the fact that these things will have a life of their own as resources for ages to come (right?) and I am not used to having others come along for the ride.

This break in the real time output of these classes gives others that have been busy time to get through the first four lessons, a good thing!

In terms of the timing, we’ll publish all of FP101-4’s results and the newsletter from Lesson 4 during the week following New Years Day. This will make the course stronger for all of us as we take our winter break (hey, we took a break from regular school.. right?)

Now, I know that the food we all fix and eat during this time is some of the most phototogenic of the year (except maybe Easter and Halloween). I do not want to miss out on those photos you all are taking so I want you to use what you have learned (or will learn from reviewing) in the first four lessons in some of your shots.

To help with your motivation, Curt and I have decided to run a FP101 Holiday Photo Contest! Check back for a logo (will make it up tomorrow) that you can use on your site, if you wish.

The rules are:

  • 1. You have to be registered for the class (In case anyone wondered, we’re only using your email info for class communication, nothing else).
  • 2. You have to submit the photo to the Food Photo 101 group on Flickr, then respond to the Holiday Competition thread in the group with the photo that you are entering into the contest. (email Curt or me for help getting the entry posted to the thread). Also, add the tag to your photo of “fp101 contest” (use the quotes).
  • 3. Curt and I will decide the winner based on the best use of lessons 1 through 4.
  • 4. Each person can enter up to 2 photos to be considered.
  • 5. Entries have to be in by December 30.

The prizes will be a cookbook to be determined by me and a jar of Bucky McOinkum’s Javacue Sauce, used as part of Curt’s award winning brisket!

So the idea is to pay attention to white balance, exposure and aperture settings from lesson 1 and lighting/use of bounces from lesson 2. Lesson 3 adds depth of field use; since P&S cameras don’t do this as well as DSLRs, this will be taken into consideration. Then lesson 4 adds the Spiral of Energy for composition. So take your best shots using the combined lessons and enter them!

Look for the review of Lesson 4 and the Lesson 4 Newsletter on January 6, then Lesson 5 the following week.

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