Food Photo 101 Holiday Contest Winners!

January 9, 2008 in Food Photo 101

Nikon 50mm lens for Food Photo 101

Welcome to everyone here in the new year, hope you all had great and festive holidays!

I would like to thank all of you who entered your beautiful work, excellent jobs!

I would also like to welcome the newly registered users, glad to have you all join!

As mentioned previously (FP101 Holiday Contest Prize Announcement and Food Photo 101 Holiday Contest and Food Photo 101 Holiday Contest: Finalized Prizes), we have three prizes for the top spots.


A list of all the entrants’ great photos are found at the bottom.

Decision Process

Curt and I looked at each of the photos with an eye to the things we covered in the first four lessons and whether the photo illustrated various aspects of those lessons. We had a hard time making these decisions because we do not want to discourage any of you all, in the least.

Over the next few weeks, we will send you each a note of constructive observations regarding your photo.

The Winning Entries

We awarded an honorable mention to YVONNE829 for the following photo:

Third Place

SummerTX submitted a delicious image of white chocolate raspberry cake. This image has got some great geometrics, neat stylistic details, and definitely delicious subject matter.

Second Place

Little-Rattle submitted this interesting image of a panettone pudding. We felt it did a good job of using different geometric shapes to guide the eye in a spiral into a central focus.

First Place

Tommy Williams submitted this delicious and dynamic image full of spirals, enticing lighting, delicious subject matter and serendipity (was taken on-location in a restaurant).

We think that these and the others submitted were all fantastic.

We will be running at least one more contest in the near future so if you didnt get a chance to submit your image this time around, make sure to do so next time!

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