Learning from a Master – Lou Manna

January 25, 2008 in Food Photo 101

lou manna

OK kiddies, I just wanted to share my excitement about this fantastic class I will be taking this coming Sunday in NYC.

Lou Manna, food photographer extraordinaire, has been running food photography workshops for years and I have been wanting to attend one for years. Well, finally, I can afford to take one. This Sunday I will be driving down to NYC, into the heart of Manhattan, to Lou’s studio to soak in his experience and check out his studio.

The screen shot below shows you a description of the class.

lou manna

If you want to attend his next class, check out the Adorama workshop sign up page. The next class is on March 2, 2008 (sign up here).

I just can NOT wait! You know how when a little dog is so excited that it’s wagging tail whips it’s whole little body around? Yeah, thats how I am feeling.

I will post back with a report on my experience.

About Lou Manna:

Lou Manna’s award-winning photographs have appeared in national ad campaigns, major magazines and over thirty cookbooks. While working as a photojournalist for the New York Times, Lou developed a passion for food photography as he was creating appealing images to accompany reviews by noted food critic and cookbook author, Craig Claiborne. Lou went on to establish his own studio on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan where he has produced thousands of digital images while working with a wide range of major advertising, corporate and restaurant clients including Barilla, Kraft Foods, Marriott, Starbucks, Kellogg’s and Coca Cola. Honored to be one of an elite group of Olympus Visionary photographers, Lou recently authored Digital Food Photography, which is the only book on the art of food photography devoted exclusively to digital techniques: www.digitalfoodphotos.com