Local Food: Starting from seed

March 16, 2008 in Gardening, Humble Garden, Local Food

Starting the 2008 garden

What are your plans for eating locally this year?

We are currently planting our seeds indoors to get a head start on our very short growing season. See more about our garden at our Humble Garden blog.

Starting the 2008 garden

The kids, an important part of my garden, are helping out with every part of this activity.

We are now looking for the dairy goat(s) to replace the massively expensive milk we drink and our chickens give us some 4-5 eggs a day. That should be closer to 9 a day once they get into the swing of things.

We have decided to grow our own chicken feed so the septic field will sport a new hairdo of wheat, millet, soybeans, and hulless barley. We are getting set to clear some more land and get a nice alfalfa and clover cover crop going for the goats and later cows. We may be using pigs to till the land, they are fantastically good at tearing things up! The key to this is electric fencing which we need to get.

How local is your food?

What fun things are you doing to reduce the impact of high oil prices on your food (now and in the future)?

Starting the 2008 garden