Painful Beautiful fragility of life

July 21, 2008 in Off Topic

Humble Garden: lady bug on dill

(Fragile life)

I hope that you all have been keeping well and finding the beauty of this summer. Take a moment to smell the flowers, chocolate, saffron, freshly washed baby skin, get a hug from each of your children and pets.

Kalyn of Kalyn’s Kitchen tells of the passing of Sher (Sher’s blog was What Did You Eat) this last week and, while I never knew Sher, this makes me sad.


(Deep in a purple flower)

Even tho we share some of ourselves here in the blog world, much is left off (I try not to bore you with my stuff!). When something like this happens, the terrible dichotomy between the virtual universe we create online and the real stuff that happens offline glares out and reminds us that we need to work hard to experience all of our life, not just the stuff in our heads.

bumble bee

(Deep in a pumpkin flower)