Tropical Still Life

January 16, 2009 in contest, Food Photo 101, Food Porn

(Don’t forget to enter Lou Manna’s “Best Looking Food of 2009 contest” to win everything you could possibly need for food photography! See my previous post for details. Contest ends February 16th, 2009)


You would think that I might have all sorts of time to dive back into food photography now that I have been laid off but its not been the case. I have been doing something MUCH more important – reconnecting with the family who I had to spend a lot of very stressful time away from this past year (really took a toll on us all).

I am trying to ease back into the wonderful world of food photography by doing some shots for Lou Manna’s contest (see above for details) – while also job hunting, an activity that takes precedence over any projects.

I am not certain that this batch of photos really hits on what is needed to win this contest of Lou’s. There isnt a whole lot of obvious styling – its much more subtle – its about the shape of the plate curves and the chunks of papaya. I consider this a study of the very odd looking papaya and, at base, I hope you learn something about this fruit and also are not repulsed by the odd black seeds and how they cling to the interior.

Papaya study

Some of these are more and others are less suitable for possible contest submissions. I would love to hear from you if you think any of these have an ineffable quality that you find arresting. Its ok if you dont find that in any, would like to hear about that too.

Papaya study

Here is an impromptu shot of the fruit after I hacked it to bits. People seem to like this one too (sans the label – a bit of photoshopping can deal with that)

Papaya study

This one plays with depth of field on a more obvious level.

Papaya study

I will be doing more studies before the contest deadline, I am not sure that this set represents the level of skill and styling that is competitive enough.