Sprouting Beauty

February 14, 2009 in contest, Food Porn


So I have still been thinking about which photo I should submit to Lou Manna’s food photography contest. Its been a struggle between two realities (or perceived ones). On the one hand I know that there will be many beautiful elaborate photos submitted to Lou and his various judges. On the other hand when I go to shoot I am not inspired to do extremely elaborate super-styled shots of a cornucopia of food. I am in a phase where I am most compelled to explore the simplicity of basic food types.

I previously blogged about possibly using a shot of a papaya that I did just for this contest.

Papaya study

I still like this one but today I decided to try something else hence the sprout shots. I like the shot at the top because it is somewhat unexpected (like seeing herring hanging from a clothes line or some such) and it may evoke thoughts about local food (like in your own backyard), and the whole farm to fork concept.

I am starting seeds for the 2009 Humble Garden so I have plenty of subjects on hand. Today’s sprouts are mesclun lettuce greens. In the past, my garden has provided many MANY beautiful subjects that always inspire me with their natural splendor.

Organic Garden Tomatoes: all our own!

Organic Garden Tomatoes: all our own!

Modern Indian Cooking: spicy eggplant on basmati

I have several other variations from this shoot as well as some set-up shots to show the behind the scenes aspects.

Manna Contest shots: 50 mm

Manna Contest shots: 100mm

Manna Contest shots: set up

Manna Contest shots: set up

Manna Contest shots: set up

I am going to submit the image at the top, cross your fingers!