March 20, 2009 in DMBLGIT, photography


Today is the last day to submit images for the DMBLGIT March 2009 food photography contest! I will accept them until midnight eastern daylight savings time.

You can see all of the latest submissions at this flickr group. You will see that we judges will have our job cut out for us!

Speaking of judges, I would like to present the 5 judges for this month’s contest. I am one of them, obviously!

Curt, at the Bucky’s BBQ and Bread blog, has been my co-conspirator in the Food Photo 101 series. Curt is a fantastic photographer who is passionate about learning food photography (and very methodical). I feel very fortunate to have his eye for this contest.

Bee, at the jugalbandi blog, is one half of a team who are prolific writers and photographers that span 6 different broad topics (Jai is the other half). I got to know them when they invited me to help judge one of their photography contests – Click.

Vera at the Baking Obsession blog is the very deserving winner from DMBLGIT February! I am glad to have her participate.

Ilva, at the Lucullian Delights blog, is a dear friend and a fantastic professional photographer who lives a charmed and beautiful life as a Swede in dreamy Italy! Her food has the luminous quality that comes from her context, in a land where the light is divine.

Once the deadline arrives tonight at midnight the judges will begin to deliberate. Their deadline will be towards the end of the month.

Winners will be announced on the last day of this month, Tuesday March 31st!