March 31, 2009 in DMBLGIT

[I apologize that this was not posted first thing in the morning. One of our 8 dairy goats decided to have kids this morning!]

I want to thank each and every one of the 61 contestants for entering their beautiful photos for this round of DMBLGIT. You people are just amazing! I knew when the images were coming in that it was going to be hard to judge.

As per the rules of DMBLGIT the judging went as follows:

Each image could get anything from a 1 (lowest) to a 10 (highest) score for each category.

The three categories:

  • Aesthetics
  • Edibility
  • Originality

Over-all winners were selected by adding the scores of each category and then the sums from each judge were averaged together.

You will see below that we had ties in various places, all according to the numbers.

After these winners were chosen, they were redacted from the scoring in the next round. Once I did that, I selected the image with the highest score in each category.

As the host (and number cruncher and image collator and general administratix) I got to select an image that wins the host prize.

Just as a reminder, the judges for this month, other than myself, were:

So, without further delay, here are our over-all winners

1st Place – tie between 1001 Recettes & Kedai Hamburg

DMBLGIT (NOT MINE): 1001 Recettes

Location: Switzerland
Blog Name: 1001 Recettes
Photo title: Mandarine cheesecake Photo URL Link
Type of camera used, lens: Nikon D300, Sigma 105mm f2.8

DMBLGIT (NOT MINE): Kedai Hamburg

Location : Germany
Blog Name : Kedai Hamburg
Photo title : Gangan ikan Lele (Fish Soup) Photo URL Link
Type of camera : Canon EOS 450D

2nd PlaceWhat’s For Lunch, Honey?

DMBLGIT (NOT MINE): Whats For Lunch Honey?

Location: Weimar, Germany
Blog Name: What’s For Lunch, Honey?
Photo title: Nutella Day! Photo URL Link
Type of camera used: Nikon D70s

3rd PlaceMy Culina Sanctuarium

DMBLGIT (NOT MINE): My Culina Sanctuarium

Location : Kuwait
Blog Name: My Culina Sanctuarium
Photo title: Milky Almond Chewy Cookies Photo URL Link
Type of camera used, lens : Canon 350 D

The following are the category winners.



Location: Brooklyn, NY
Blog Name: zested
Photo title: Samosa cups with mango cranberry chutney Photo URL Link
Camera type: Canon 10D

Edibility – a tie between Lemon Pi & Sweet Sensation


Location : Sydney, Australia
Blog Name: Lemon Pi
Photo title: Lavender berry teacakes Photo URL Link
Camera : Nikon D40

DMBLGIT (NOT MINE): Sweet Sensation

Location: Zagreb, Croatia
Blog Name: Sweet Sensation
Photo title: Baby beef and button mushroom stew Photo URL Link
Camera used, lens: Pentax K10D, lens FA-50 mm f 1.4


DMBLGIT (NOT MINE): Cherrapeno

Blog Name : Cherrapeno
Photo title: Tossing Pancakes Photo URL Link
Camera: Canon PowerShot A640

Host selected winnerPurplesque’s Vox

As the host, I get to pick a winner from those that did not place. There were MANY that I wanted to pick, I assure you! The one that I ended up scoring highest and which didnt place when all judge’s scores were collated together was:

DMBLGIT (NOT MINE): Purplesques Vox

Blog Name: Purplesque’s Vox
Photo tile: Sourdough Grissini Photo URL Link
Type of camera used: Nikon D40, 18-55mm.

I want to congratulate each of you winners and also thank each entrant for their beautiful submissions. Please keep entering the contest in future months!

The host for the April edition of DMBLGIT (which will judge photos blogged in March) is (drum roll please):

Gine at the Dolcifelici blog!