Heads Up: Pastrami Passion

September 17, 2009 in Food Porn, ingredient


Some time ago I had the great fortune to meet Dan Estridge on the web and then at a Dole & Bailey event up in New Hampshire (see my blog post from that event: Cross Species Portraiture: The Chicken was a Star).

I can tell you at least one thing about Dan, he is completely devoted to Pastrami and similar sorts of deli meats. He doesnt just like them or just appreciate them. He is obsessed with them.

When we corresponded he spoke of perfecting a pastrami product that he could provide to customers that would be like the sort that he knew from the delis he grew up with in New York.

Some foodies are obsessed with mushrooms, hunting them in the forest. Some are obsessed with confections and other beautiful delicacies. Many of us are quite omnivorous and can appreciate a broad spectrum of great food.

It takes laser like focus and dedication to a specific vision to go where Dan has gone with his obsession with pastrami.


After a lot of hard work, Dan has now started commercial production of pastrami and some other deli meats for his new company NYDP Deli Patrol.

They ship nationwide via their online portal at www.MoreFlavorPerPound.com , a very fetching site .

Currently they are shipping these products:

They say: “Each of the meats can be ordered in a variety of cuts and all products ship express in order to guarantee freshness.”

The story in more detail can be found at their About page. I didnt know that they were selling their corned beef at Fenway!


I have never had an opportunity to try his pastrami. It seems I will in the coming week or so. I will report back and let you know it all went!

I mean, come on though.. look at this roast beef porn


(See about this roast beef here)

I dont think this review will be a painful one!