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November 15, 2009 in contest


[This contest is now CLOSED. Please click here to see who the winner was.]

Well, today the time has come, the final day of the Samsung BestBuy contest! You can enter to win a $200 gift certificate from BestBuy up until 5pm PST or 8 pm EST this evening.

You may remember my previous post where I reviewed the amazing Samsung electric convection range and over-the-range microwave – Samsung Range and Microwave Spectacular.

You’ve got 8 chances to win that $200 Best Buy card. Please keep in mind, the giveaway is for the gift card and not appliances.

I have disabled the comments and pingback on this post as you should go to the review to enter – Samsung Range and Microwave Spectacular.

I wish you each luck!

I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for visiting and also for leaving a huge number of comments on the contest page – Samsung Range and Microwave Spectacular.

At times it has been almost overwhelming hearing about the desperate state of your appliances! I empathize completely because I am in the same place, I promise you.

Here is my litany: washing machine runs VERY slowly because something funky is going on with the hot water input pipe, our refrigerator freezes fresh food (especially lettuces I just bought) but only sometimes so its hard to predict when this will happen, my freezer blows out all light bulbs so its always dark and it is also malfunctioning in a way that there is something hot along the roof of the freezer compartment and icicles form, our dishwasher is haunted in that it will work ok one time and then spontaneously erupt in the next run and sprays the kitchen floor.

I don’t have a budget to replace any of these appliances.

I know your pain.

I thought I would show you just how desperately we needed this range (even though it was a complete shock to get it and we still stare at it in awe, sad huh?)

Our old range was 14 years old. I was in denial about how much it didn’t work because, yet again, there is to budget to replace it.

Samsung review: old stove

The self-cleaning function on the oven no longer worked. This means that it was slowly building up yuck. I have small children so using nasty chemicals to clean it is hard to do. I tried it once but, even with ventilation, the house was toxified.

Samsung review: old stove

The microwave stopped working all together at about 4 years (10 years ago). My children didn’t even know what a microwave was, we didn’t talk about it even though it was there. It was like a well lit cabinet.

The range top had four burners and only one, small, burner worked. That small burner was starting to not work when I got the news that I would get a chance to participate in this review.

Samsung review: old stove

One burner didn’t work anymore because some screw had gone loose deep in the bowels of the control panel and then one of the knobs fell off.

Samsung review: old stove

All of that is a distant memory now.

I dont mind saying that now I am baking a whole lot more because, when I bake, things actually work! I know its revolutionary!

I recently put the proofing and convection baking to a greater test as I baked up SIX loaves of bread at the same time. I made 12 loaves that day for an event I was helping out with (Edible Forest Gardening Workshop).

Samsung Review: Massive bread bake-off!

Final proofing after shaping

Samsung Review: Massive bread bake-off!


Samsung Review: Massive bread bake-off!

Some of that day’s baking.

Samsung Review: Massive bread bake-off!

My little guy posing in front of the loaves.

Just to reiterate:


To enter, leave me a comment at this post – Samsung Range and Microwave Spectacular and tell me WHICH Samsung appliance would make your life easier? It doesnt have to be a range or microwave, it can be any of the appliances they make. You may also blog about which Samsung appliance you like most, linking to the review post – Samsung Range and Microwave Spectacular – and ALSO leaving a link in the comments on that page letting me know about your blog post.

The contest will begin at 10/5/2009 at 5pm PST and will end 11/15/09 at 5 pm PST.

Please be certain that the e-mail address you leave is correct!


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