QueRicaVida.com event in Miami

May 25, 2010 in Colombian Food, Food Porn


Some weeks ago I was contacted by someone who was in charge of finding and inviting latina bloggers across the US and elsewhere to an event in Miami that introduced the new roll-out of the QueRicaVida.com site. This site is put out by General Mills and is their spanish speaking and hispanic oriented outreach to the latino community.

I flew down to Miami last Wednesday from Hartford and attended a delicious and crazy fun dinner at the Rusty (dusty?) Pelican in Key Biscayne. We watched the sun go down behind the Miami sky line, simply beautiful.

I actually enjoyed the hot and humid nature of the weather because its been so darn cold here! The only problem was that my hair frizzed out in the extreme, was embarrassing.

I met so many friendly people and I had to work really hard to keep up with the spanish. There are some accents I find VERY hard to follow so for some people, I had to do a sort of mime-translation to get what they were going on about!

The next day we had free until 5 pm at which time we attended this amazing production set up like an explosive on-set stage experience, like we were in the audience of a TV show being taped for Univision. I was mostly sitting there agape, dazzled by the spectacle of it all!

I shot the following video to give you a small taste of this fun couple of days!

Here are just a few shots of the event on the first night.

QueRicaVida.com: Miami from Key Biscayne

QueRicaVida.com: Dusty (Rusty?) Pelican - Miami

QueRicaVida.com: ambiance

QueRicaVida.com: ambiance

Thanks again to General Mills, QueRicaVida.com, and the amazing people at Hispania Public Relations! Yall know how to throw a latino party!