Introducing a new page here

July 22, 2010 in Food Porn, Metabolism and Nutrition


I have started a new focus on my blog that pulls together various interests I have that will hopefully be of use to some of you and which will be very important to me.

As some of you know, I am a scientist (PhD Cell ad Developmental Biology) so I have a particular skill set that I tend to bring to my life; mainly an intense curiosity and a deep understanding of cell biology. That understanding is not infinite! No one’s is. This page will the a journal of the new things I learn in this project.

You also likely know I am deeply committed to whole foods nutrition (we grow our own food – as much as possible, have our own chickens for eggs, and have a herd of dairy goats for our own milk – all so that we have wholesome whole food).

I am using this new page “Metabolism & Nutrition” to explore the complex relationships between nutrition, gut physiology, gut cell biology, our genomics and metabolomics, and weight management.

My personal reasons for this are likely the same you would have – to hack this metabolic syndrome (insulin resistance) that I have developed (as has my oldest daughter) and which I have fought against my entire life.

This new page is at “Metabolism & Nutrition” .

This is a work in progress and I welcome any and all information you may have to add!