Back to School eats

August 29, 2010 in Food Porn


Homegrown heirloom tomatoes

I don’t know about you but we are about to start a new school year here. If all your dining tables are like mine, they are covered in a motley assortment of new backpacks, crisp new binders and folders, pens, bottles of glue, markers, crayons, the list goes on!

On top of these sorts of supplies, I have been working on getting better organized with the meal planning and cooking. (I am going to be reviewing a kitchen item that I find critically important for making wholesome energizing food soon, stay tuned for that.)

For this reason, we finally invested in a chest freezer from Sears! Check this baby out!

The New Freezer

and the inside

Interior of freezer

My oldest is starting HIGH SCHOOL (I sprout even MORE gray hair just at the thought of it), my middle one is starting 2nd grade and the little guy is continuing with 5 days a week preschool! They all leave in the morning (last year little guy had afternoon preschool) so getting the kids off to school with homemade lunches, breakfast in their tummies, and various snacks is going to be a challenge! (ok, for me, is it just me? I can handle that if its true – am used to being the uber-non-Martha mom, its just who I AM).

When I food shop for snacks (other than the homemade ones I make) I am on the look out for at the very least a complete lack of high fructose corn syrup in what I buy. I have zero tolerance on this insidious, ubiquitous and unnecessary sweetener.

Its for this reason that I was excited to see that Yoplait is coming out with a lunch snack yogurt that has NO HFCS or artificial sweeteners. When I was given a chance to try the product and do a review I jumped on it.

[Follow this link to go to my review and giveaway page on the new Yoplait Splitz product (that has NO high fructose corn syrup – something I wholly support and want to encourage all food manufacturers to do)]

On top of ALL of this, my husband has miraculously (given this uber-craptastic economy) gotten a new job! What this means is that everyone in the house, except for me, has to eat breakfast and rush out the door at crazy times of the morning (well, me too because I am driving some of the kids to school).

I am intimidated by this. I am used to being the one rushing out of the house in the morning, now I am a SAHM (boggle).

Please share with me what one thing makes it possible for YOU! I really appreciate all your suggestions ahead of time!