Happy New Years Eve

December 31, 2010 in Food Porn, Gardening

Gabriel (above), I and my family wish you a bright and shiny New Year where you find your dreams blossom and the goodness in others as well as ourselves.

I dont do New Years resolutions but I can tell you a few things that I plan on doing this year.

I know that our garden and homestead will be growing in several ways (Humble Garden). We bred 10 lamancha goat girls and I think at least 9 of them caught so in early cold spring we will be midwifing more kidding and then we will be enjoying a LOT of fresh goat milk and cheese!

Our new chicklings!

We will also be getting a mess of new Rhode Island chicks to build up our aging laying flock of chickens.

Growing Mushrooms: in a tutu

Humble Garden 2010: Homegrown shiitake!

I am going to be expanding the permacultural plantings, expanding the forest gardening efforts, expanding mushroom cultivation (feral and closer to home) and growing more storage crops this year.

Let me know what new food adventures you will be doing this next year!