SmartPhone Santa Cookies

December 11, 2011 in christmas, cookies, Food Porn

Happy Holidays everyone! Things have been simply crazy this year – some good some not good – such is life. Am hoping to post some newer stuff – as always delicious – soon.

I recently had to get a new phone – my blackberry dated back to the Jurassic era and was just not working anymore – so I bought an iPhone.

I am so loving it. Even for spontaneous food photography!

I have been using my food photography as wallpaper images on my iPhone and have been enjoying images I have not seen in ages.

I thought that I would share one of them with you all. (for free of course)

While surfing on your smartphone CLICK THIS LINK to get a larger version of the image above – save it and then use it as wallpaper!

Let me know if you decide to use it.