Green smoothies helped us beat diabetes

May 9, 2012 in diabetes, Food Porn

I do NOT want to sound like a cheezy televangelist or some hawker on late night infomercials or some vapid chick selling makeup at 2 am on channel 19,000

BUT I can attest that, using green smoothies like the one on one of my other blogs here (no sprouts tho, no bananas either) – NOT juicing but Vita-mixing (this way you get all the awesome fiber you NEED)

My DH has:

– Lost all blood and urine chemistry markers for diabetes
– Gone off ALL diabetes meds (wasnt on insulin yet)
– Gone off high blood pressure meds
– Gone off some other med he was on for cholesterol
– Lost something like 50 pounds
– Lowered all his bad fats and cholesterol in his blood to BELOW the lower end of normal scales – ALL OF THE USUAL TRIGLYCERIDE PANEL – whooosh from bad to awesomeness!!!!


We have proven that you can, single handedly, monkey-wrench the pharmaceutical companies AND make your life SO MUCH BETTER just but making these green smoothies. You can add a simple leafy green salad with a low sugar low fat HOMEMADE vinaigrette if you need to chomp on things.

Drink these every day and stick to it and you WILL see massive gains against diabetes ad all the nasty side effects of diabetes and metabolic syndrome – I watched it happen.

This is NOT a diet, its food therapy. You are recharging your nutrient (not calorie) starved body with critically important vitamins, minerals, cofactors science hasnt learned about yet, rebuilding your neglected gut ecology, and enjoying fresh juicy goodness that will make you feel more energetic and juicy yourself!

Our green smoothie recipe is the following – yours can be different just watch the sugar, starch, dairy products, fats

ALL ORGANIC (crap in, crap out – this is an investment in YOU so you dont have to wake up feeling like a freight train ran you over every 3 minutes all night long)

This is for one day, its thick, like a shake and you can sip it with a straw to make it easier or dilute as you like with filtered water (I have been using water filtered with our nifty Brita pitcher)

This is in the order that i add to the blender

small amount of filtered water to lubricate
3 carrots
1 medium apple
1 peeled cucumber
1 peeled orange
2 stalks celery
slice of ginger
1/8 lemon with peel
handful baby spinach
splash triple distilled cod liver oil
1/4 cup hemp protein powder
1/4 cup raw maca root powder
2 cups dinosaur kale (any kind you like)
cup cilantro or flat leaf parsley or both
1/2 small head of lettuce (red, romaine, oak leaf, up to you)
more cool filtered water to bring whirling smoothie to near top of the blender

Store in a 1/2 gallon container in the fridge – dont store longer than for that day’s use. Rinse the container once done so nothing begins to stick to container – best not to let it dry onto surface.

We sometimes add beets or freshly cut pineapple… blueberries or other berries would be awesome – just be sure its all organic – berries can be seriously chemically treated if not organic.

Here is what it may look like!

Raw+Simple: Spicy Kale Sprout Fruit green smoothie