A dainty brunch

October 15, 2012 in breakfast, cooking

Recently I watched the entire series of “Upstairs Downstairs” as well as “Brideshead Revisted“.

I also indulged in this truly fantastic series of videos on what it was like to be the cook staff in a Victorian kitchen.

I guess I was trying to fill in for my craving for the next season of “Downton Abbey“.

This excessive exposure to rich victorian British ways and means has left me with a slight obsession on tea services and victorian cuisine. I am sure it will pass in due course but in the mean time I decided to appease the odd yearning with just a bit of dainty food.


This is extremely modest but I offer some spinach parmesan coddle eggs, buttery crunchy soldiers (toast sticks) and coffee in a dainty tea cup.

You may or may not know about egg coddlers but I adore them. Mine are new but if you search online you will find many lovely antique ceramic coddlers as well as very fancy silver Victorian egg coddler get ups that would look good on any lace covered sideboard, ready for the Lordship and Ladyship to belly up to at breakfast time.


With these ceramic coddlers you simply butter the interior, add an egg or two, ham or other delicious meat, herbs, salt, cream, what have you, cover the top, lower into boiling water so that the water just reaches the bottom of the metal cover and cook until done to your liking. Remove from the pot, keep warm, serve with toast sticks to dip into the soft boiled egg goodness inside!

I promise to share a recipe for the most dreamy and crazy easy cream scones in the next week – hold onto your tea towels!