Nika Self-Portrait

I am Nika and thank you for visiting my food blog. I post a variety of content here, from recipes and How-2 Guides (pictoral walkthroughs on how to prepare a certain food), to food photography images.

A list of other places you can find my photos and writing:

With regard to product evaluation and review: I do cookbook reviews (with my original photography of recipes I try from the book), product samples that are aligned with my various topics (eg: ethnic, organic, sustainable ingredients and products as well as other cooking related things).

On a personal note, I am a scientist who is not currently at the bench. I have had formal training in fine arts, Architecture, and photography. My scientific training included considerable hands-on experience with wet-lab darkroom work, photomicroscopy (electron, light, and confocal 4D digital capture). I am taking these various skills with my growing expertise in digital photography and lighting to capture images of still life food.

My images have been used by bootstrap educators (i.e. frugal homeschoolers) in projects to reach autistic children and by one of the largest companies in the world.

If you are interesting in buying rights to my photos or content, drop me a note at nika7k at yahoo dot com. Links to some available images are Nika Boyce Photography and My Flickr food set.

You can reach me at nika dot boyce at gmail dot com if you have questions or inquiries.

All rights are reserved on ALL content.