Fruity stragglers

April 4, 2007 in Food Porn, fruit, photography, vegetable


I am posting a few stragglers that have come out of my recent experiments to wrap them up.

Tomorrow I will be going to the Photoshop World show in Boston so I will be a bit out of the loop. I hope to be able to snag some software that I need to get back to where I was before the computer crash! It should be interesting and I think I better leave my credit cards at home!

I may report back here with photos, if anything strikes my fancy and is also germane to the topic here.

I used the carrots and beets I shot earlier and some other vegetables to make a lovely vegetable soup. I didn’t shoot the soup, soup is not terribly photogenic.

More beet shots

Some disturbing carrots, look like dead fingers, yikes.

Super close on an illuminated radish

Super close on an illuminated kiwi

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Dark secrets of fruits and vegetables

April 2, 2007 in Food Porn, fruit, photography, vegetable

Getting beauty from this shoot was harder than I expected.

Things I learned or reinforced:

  • I over estimated the [tag]translucence[/tag] of [tag]orange[/tag]s
  • I found [tag]radish[/tag]es to be really [tag]opaque[/tag] but with lovely leaves
  • [tag]kiwi[/tag] have a LOT of potential that I have not tapped yet
  • Alcohol, [tag]409[/tag], and copious amounts of paper towels are your friends when dealing with [tag]plate glass[/tag]

I will be revisiting this sort of shot with better technique and a better black baseplate that doesn’t allow bleed through from light below. I will be posting the setup after I get this main post up.

Here are some more images with a few of the non-flash versions (to show you what it looks like in full light though not the best lighting)






Buttermilk pancakes with Korean pears in syrup and hickory smoked bacon

April 1, 2007 in breakfast, cooking, Food Porn, fruit, ingredient, recipe

A couple of days ago, I did the “on black” shoot where some pears saw the light. Those [tag]pear[/tag]s were also part of our [tag]breakfast[/tag] yesterday.

I found some delightful Bob’s Red Mill buttermilk pancake mix I wanted to try out and it made some amazing [tag]pancake[/tag]s.

I sliced one [tag]Korean[/tag] pear and two of the smaller pears of unknown global origin (I forgot, in other words), put the slices in a saute pan, added about 1 tablespoon [tag]butter[/tag], a dribble of [tag]olive oil[/tag], about two teaspoons [tag]cream of coconut[/tag], 1/3 cup white sugar, and let it simmer on medium low for about 20 minutes.

I let it go until the pears released their goodness and the liquid reduced to an almost recrystallized sauce that had the slightest bit of odd bite to it (from the nascent sugar particles). This went so well with the pancakes.

I show it here with just the pears and syrup but also added Vermont maple syrup to the servings for the other family members.

[tag]Bacon[/tag] would go well as a side to old tires, let alone these delicious pancakes.

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Resplendent food: A glimpse into fruits and vegetables, just so.

March 30, 2007 in Food Porn, fruit, vegetable

The [tag]wisdom[/tag] of natural processes fascinates me endlessly.

The [tag]Fibonacci[/tag] numbers that seem to sprinkle their way across [tag]cauliflower[/tag] [tag]florets[/tag] and [tag]seashell[/tag]s and [tag]flower[/tag] [tag]petal[/tag]s is a constant reminder that the [tag]universe[/tag] has decided on a few rules.

Its all a daily [tag]symphony[/tag] of balance, [tag]void[/tag], [tag]entropy[/tag], [tag]chaos[/tag], and re-balance.

Each fruit, flower, vegetable, animal, all of that [tag]morphology[/tag] is a physical [tag]manifestation[/tag] of the tug and pull of existence and non-existence, heat and cold, light and dark, growth and decay, birth and death, kinetics and potential, motion and stillness.

Please enjoy these very few shots that begin to examine some of those ideas.





I am still without Photoshop so you will see imperfections that are not what I would like to see (not on the fruits or vegetables, thats fine.. its more of the cat hairs that I have issues with!).