Happy Thanksgiving!

November 25, 2010 in Food Porn, holiday

(notice the huge amount of sugar on there? Kids got a bit carried away when I had my back turned)

I am going to be shooting a few scenes from around here this Thanksgiving morning. I will be adding more if I have the energy!

Our meal will consist of a relatively modest menu, we dont pull down the paycheck of even a minor mailroom clerk at Solomon Brothers or some other Wall Street boondoggle – we give thanks over a frugal meal happily. We will still be quite stuffed!


Thanksgiving 2010: blueberry plum pie, cooling

Thanksgiving 2010: pumpkin pie

We wish you a most thankful Thanksgiving!

Thankful things

November 21, 2010 in Food Porn, Meta Talk

Some years Thanksgiving seems to float in, stays for a vague day of pointless overeating, and then slips away into dim memories. This year I feel genuinely thankful for so many things.

Wild Turkeys!

I am profoundly thankful for:

  • the health of my children
  • their hard work this year in school
  • the 4 yo progressing so very much with his ASD challenges
  • the 14 yo getting student of the quarter in her first year of high school as she rose to so many challenges
  • the 7 yo for being so explosively creative and sweet and spicy
  • the DH getting a job (saving the bacon just in time) but not only that, getting a job that is PERFECT for him, that he loves, and his work people love him!


In the sphere of blogging it has been an interesting year. As always, BlogHer has been a source of inspiration and community. They have given me many opportunities to review and giveaway food related things.

I got to know MyBlogSpark this year and I can not say enough nice things about them. Goodness, have I had some fun with their activities! I got hooked up with Quericavida.com and was whisked off to Miami to meet a whole “new to me” world of latina/o bloggers. After that I was invited to General Mills up in Minnesota and got to meet a whole other world of people who are passionate, friendly, knowledgable and devoted to food – both the bloggers and the people at General Mills / Betty Crocker. They treated us bloggers to such a fantastic time, its hard to explain how welcomed and pampered I felt!

tiny pumpkins

As always I am so thankful to get to know the people who visit my blog, it makes it all worth it.

I am looking forward to the holiday food season and then the new year. What new blogging horizons await?

Its my hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

pumpkin pie capuccino

Chocolate: thou art heavenly (and lucky?)

November 15, 2010 in baking, chocolate, cooking, dessert, Food Porn

Visit my new page with a Ghirardelli chocolate wonderland and chance to win a $100 Visa gift card here -> LINK

I will also be sharing a recipe for chocolate chip cheesecake and for these delicious caramel chocolate covered apples you see below.

Ghirardelli Chocolate covered caramel apples

Make the jump!

Comment problems

November 3, 2010 in Food Porn, Meta Talk

Jeeeeeepers I have been having problems with my commenting system. I would get your lovely comments and entries into the various giveaways I had going but I could not get the system to accept them.

I have upgraded my blogging software, further hardened my security and gone through and accepted all qualifying comments and now will be selecting winners in three recently closed giveaways – stay tuned.

Halloween 2010