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When I go shopping I try really hard not to buy things like pancake syrup. We have people in our home who are suffering from/trying to manage prediabetes so it feels like a betrayal buying sugar water!

There are times though, especially on weekend mornings, that I feel like treating the little kids in our family to a special brunch. They have perfectly normal metabolisms and run it all off so I feel pretty ok with it although its not like I am feeding them white bread.

So, this usually leaves me with a conundrum, breakfast treat but no syrup. Sometimes I stew some fruits and serve whole wheat pancakes with a fruit compote – very delicious.

I have been exploring an alternative to this which is a bit easier and brings a different flavor profile to it.

Instead of a juicy topping, I used this new product from the butter people Land o Lakes – its a whipped butter with cinnamon already in it.

Land O Lakes sent me one of these tubs and also this cute waffle iron, spatula, and cute little knife.

whole wheat waffles + wild blueberries + cinnamon butter
I made some whole wheat waffle batter and poured it on the oiled hot waffle iron.

whole wheat waffles + wild blueberries + cinnamon butter
Once they cooked on one side I loosened the waffle-ettes and then flipped them over.

whole wheat waffles + wild blueberries + cinnamon butter
At first I was skeptical about this waffle iron but it actually works and takes up really no space compared to a waffle iron that hogs space on the countertop.

whole wheat waffles + wild blueberries + cinnamon butter
It was wild blueberry season when we made these so I did the following:

While I was cooking, I sent the little kids out into our backyard to the big patch of wild blueberries to pick as many as they could stand. Once the waffles were made and the kids had come back inside, I slathered the waffles with cinnamon butter, stacked them, added wild blueberries, called the kids to the dining room, stood back, and watched them enjoy!

whole wheat waffles + wild blueberries + cinnamon butter
I added some honey for one of the kids who is absolutely addicted to it.

whole wheat waffles + wild blueberries + cinnamon butter
This cinnamon butter is also great on school mornings because instead of really messy though delicious cinnamon toasts that get cinnamon sugar all over everything, this is spread on your toast or bread and stays on.

Et Voila!

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All you have to do to enter to win this cute prize pack is to leave a comment on this page telling us what new sort of butter you think Land O Lakes should make next!

Contest starts today August 24, 2011 (when this posts) and ends August 31st, 2011, at 5 pm Pacific time (8 pm Eastern time) – that is one week!

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When the contest period is over, I will count all the entries, chronologically, and then choose the winner using a random number generator!

Good Luck!

Your giveaway winner´s prize pack will contain:

  • One refrigerated sample of new LAND O LAKES® Cinnamon Sugar Butter Spread
  • One VIP coupon good for the purchase of one package of new LAND O LAKES® Cinnamon Sugar Butter Spread
  • One porcelain spreader
  • One spatula
  • One mini waffle pan
  • One heart shaped cookie cutter

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