POM Iced Coffee


Does the idea of mixing pomegranate juice with iced coffee make your eyes bug out like the cute little lamby slippers above?

POM has done this craaazy thing with their POM iced coffees.

In an effort to further evangelize the superfood antioxidant properties of pomegranate juice, they formulated a drink that is both iced coffee and juice.

I know, its not something I would do at home either and so, when they offered some samples, I was a bit wary to be sure.

You should also know that I am, like many of you, addicted to good coffee. Folgers makes my teeth hurt, Dunkins is only tolerable if I am driving and distracted from its mundane-ness. McDonalds coffee is always an experience in the magical properties of how hot coffee can leach acidic acrid revolting flavors from the paper coffee cup they give it to you in. blech.

Not only does POM iced coffee not taste like pomegranate juice, its some good cold coffee. It has a nice depth of flavor that stands up the fact that the cold reduces your perception of flavors. Its creamy too.

There is a cafe a lait version that tastes as you would expect coffee and creamy and not at all pomegranate-y.


There is also a chocolate version that will definitely satisfy those of you who need a chocolate fix on top of the coffee goodness.


But, I think perhaps most importantly and surprisingly, was the power that these little bottles pack. Its hinted at on the packaging with “The Healthy Buzz” and you get an enormous clue with the advertising images I have on this page.

See those lamby and little birdy eyes? Big ones? Well, these iced coffees pack in the “wake me up” something fierce.


I can definitely see a place for these antioxidant loaded uber-caffeinated iced coffees in any morning routine.