Yoplait Splitz review and giveaway

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We recently taste tested the Yoplait yogurt snack Splitz.

Remember this product has zero high fructose corn syrup (cheers!) and no artificial flavorings (more cheering!)

The clear cups have a layer of strawberry yogurt on the bottom and a white layer of yogurt on top – to look like a sundae.

My middle daughter loves all things strawberry so she was the first to pounce on these snacks. She gave the snack two thumbs up and said she especially wanted to try them frozen.

Making a pop out of them would be really easy. All you would need to do is cut a slit in the foil lid and slide in a popsicle stick into the middle of the snack. Pop them in the freezer and then the next day you have a sundae yogurt pop!

This might be nice in lunches (keeps lunch cool too though you might want to put it in its own baggie to guard against any leakage around the popsicle stick).

I tasted one too as did my 4 yo and my 14 yo – we all gave it a thumbs up. Its definitely on the sweet side so think of it as a lunch dessert snack.

Yoplait points out these three things:

  • Only 90 calories
  • A source of calcium and Vitamin D
  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • Amazingly – NO high fructose corn syrup

They have three Splitz flavors:

  • Rainbow Sherbet
  • Strawberry Banana Split
  • Strawberry Sundae

Follow this link for a coupon for Splitz.

In addition to my review of this product, MyBlogSpot and Yoplait has given me a picnic pack and blanket (prize pack) to review and an extra prize pack to use in a giveaway in this post.

yoplait splitz prize pack

The picnic pack is fully insulated and has various pockets – would make it easy to tote all manner of chilled and frozen things to events. The blue roll you see above is a neat picnic blanket that you settle your rear on when you get to your event!

I am thinking of using ours on a nature walk soon, before winter gets started.

You can enter up to 2 times in this giveaway by:

  • Blogging about this giveaway and providing a link back to this page (required link to this page is http://nikas-culinaria.com/reviews/splitz/) after which you leave a comment below providing me a link to your blog post
  • Tweeting about this giveaway by using this tweet text exactly ” I entered to win a Yoplait Splitz picnic bag at Nikas Culinaria http://bit.ly/dv98TK You can enter to win too! #myblogspark #yoplait

Winner Selection: Once the giveaway period ends, I will use a random number generator to select the winner.

This giveaway starts when this page posts today until two Sundays from now – September 12th at 12 AM midnight EST (9 pm PST)

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Nutritional Information:

  • Total Fat – Grams=1
  • % DV Fat=1
  • Saturated Fat – grams=0.5
  • % DV Saturated Fat=3
  • Trans Fat – grams=0
  • Cholesterol – mg=< 5
  • % DV Cholesterol=1
  • Sodium – mg=60
  • % DV Sodium=3
  • Potassium – mg=140
  • % DV Potassium=4
  • Total Carbohydrate – grams=17
  • %DV Carbohydrate=6
  • Sugars – grams=12
  • Protein – grams=3
  • % DV Vitamin A=10
  • % DV Calcium=15
  • % DV Vitamin D=10
  • % DV Phosphorus=10
  • Diet Exchanges –

(Please note: Yoplait Splitz, the prize pack, information and the prize package for this giveaway were all provided by Yoplait through MyBlogSpark. I received the items with no requirement to blog about them, no requirement to blog positively, no requirement to do a giveaway.)