In search of a few good themes ..

February 16, 2008 in Food Photo 101, Meta Talk

my workflow

I thought I was blocked before, the hacking didn’t help matters. I strongly urge you all to backup your databases and all blog related files. You wordpress people, you need to upgrade and not delay.

I also suggest that you keep an eye on those plugins that become classed “dangerous” because the wretched small-minded hackers have figured out how to exploit the plugin’s weakness to access your blog. In my case I am thinking its the forums (wp-forum 1.7.4) so I have disabled it. I am sorry to you all who use it but right now I have to figure out two things: a secure forum and then how to import everything from the current forum onto the new forum system.

The forum is not my highest priority right now tho because I have to do the following:

  • write up my Lou Manna post
  • find, test, and customize a new theme
  • Write the next food photo 101 class (so darn behind from all this disruption and I am so verrrrrry sorry)
  • catch up on my other posts!

There is more but I am trying to concentrate on these few things.

I am sorry if there are parts of the site that do not work correctly yet, thats part of the process. You may also find that the theme changes erratically from visit to visit or even during the same visit .. I am testing new themes when its like that. Sorry if it makes you feel dizzy!

Testing my resolve

February 13, 2008 in Meta Talk

Contemplation - best large

The only words that I can use right now to explain the past day and the utter disregard for me and my family by those who hacked this blog are so completely unfit for any sort of broadcast that I have little to say on how I feel.

One can only assume that the hackers grew up with either no parents or with such parental specimens so completely lacking in any parenting skill that they really should be considered for prosecution due to child neglect.

Shame on you, oh hacker, you live a small small life. It will not be missed in it’s absence, I can promise you.

To the readers (you know, actual humans and not selfish hackers) –

This site will take a while longer to heal as my most recent theme is quite truculent and fighting the upgrade and security measures I have had to implement in reactive-mode (the least optimal situation).

Bear with me.