Loving CanningUSA.com!!

August 31, 2008 in Gardening

www.CanningUSA.com, awesome resource!

I do not do this usually but I had to recommend this site!!


This site is so informative and charming!

If you want to put up some of your beautiful organic garden foods but are somewhat hesitant about canning method and recipes (we all are in the beginning!) then try this site.

Basically, you have two very calm and down to earth people, David Blackburn and Andrea Van Wallenburg, who have put together online FAQs and recipes and even videos showing you how its all done. They even do podcasts. They are, in their very low key way, extremely in to or passionate about canning! I think they are in lovely sunny France, their videos show such a lovely utilitarian kitchen filled with bright sunlight.

www.CanningUSA.com, awesome resource!

I am going to share a few screen shots from their videos – visit their site and watch the videos for yourself.

They show equipment..

www.CanningUSA.com, awesome resource!

www.CanningUSA.com, awesome resource!

They even make and can pork, rabbit, and http://canningusa.com/IfICanYouCan/FishTuna.htm pâté! We have a frozen duck in our freezer (from our backyard), I am thinking I might do something like this with it.

www.CanningUSA.com, awesome resource!

www.CanningUSA.com, awesome resource!

Right now I am brewing up a batch of tomato sauce from our homegrown organic heirloom tomatoes. I will be canning them a bit later today and then put them up for the depths of winter when the garden is a distant memory and buried under feet of snow.

I grew some cherokee purple tomatoes from Victory Seeds and they are funky looking – purple! They are very meaty and went right into the pot.

I will go into more detail about this in another post but I had to share this site with you all!

Let me know if you can anything up and how it goes!